Showreels what are they?

A showreel is a series of clips put together to show off your acting capabilities, roles you played in eg, major roles first, then a really good dramatic role and then some comedy etc. You want your reel under 3 mins as people don’t like watching long videos.

You want your best footage first to hook the attention of the casting directors and then follow on with your best work.

With over 13yrs in the industry our team is fully experienced and have worked on many projects from films to music videos, fashion shows and documentaries.

We create showreels from scratch which means we write up scenes made especially for you that suit your acting style and abilities.

With the years experience we have between us, we understand the quality needed in sound and lighting to produce high quality content and come fully equipped with the right equipment.  

Our sessions are fairly relaxed allowing you to take your time to perfect each scene.  We take a few runs and only stop until we feel we have captured you in your best light.  We are extremely passionate about getting anyone we work with seen, and take pride and love in our work to give you the best start to your dreams.